The oil industry associations IPIECA and IOGP have jointly produced a comprehensive set of resources covering oil spill preparedness and response.

The main IPIECA and IOGP publications are 'Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs)', with more detailed Technical Reports for some specific subject areas. There are also high-level Glance / Scan materials available as PowerPoint or video files.

All these resources are available to download or view below. The Good Practice Guidelines are shown in BOLD and marked "GPG"


Oil spill preparedness and response: an introduction GPG

Response strategy development using Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA) GPG

Guidelines on implementing Spill Impact Mitigation Assessment (SIMA) - joint publication with API

Tiered preparedness and response GPG


Contingency planning for oil spills on water GPG

Oil spill surveillance planning guidance

Oil spill risk assessment and response planning for offshore installations

Guidelines on oil characterization to inform spill planning and decision making

Recommended practice for Common Operating Picture architecture for oil spill response

Sensitivity mapping for oil spill response - GPG joint publication with IMO


Incident management system for the oil and gas industry GPG

Oil spill exercises GPG

Oil spill responder health and safety GPG

Oil spill training GPG

Mutual aid indemnification and liability including a template emergency personnel secondment agreement

Volunteer management



Aerial observation of oil spills at sea GPG

Satellite remote sensing for oil spills at sea GPG

In-water surveillance of oil spills at sea GPG

An assessment of surface surveillance capabilities for oil spill response using satellite remote sensing

Capabilities and uses of sensor-equipped ocean vehicles for subsea and surface detection and tracking of oil spills

Capabilities and uses of sensor and video-equipped waterborne surveillance-ROVs for subsea detection and tracking of oil spills

Containment and burning

At-sea containment and recovery GPG

The use of decanting during offshore oil spill recovery operations

Controlled in-situ burning of oil spills GPG

Guidelines for the selection of in-situ burning equipment


Dispersants: surface application GPG

Dispersants: subsea application GPG

At-sea monitoring of surface dispersant effectiveness

Dispersant logistics and supply planning

Regulatory approval of dispersant products and authorization for their use

Dispersant storage, maintenance, transport and testing


A guide to shoreline clean-up techniques GPG

A guide to oiled shoreline assessment (SCAT) surveys GPG

Shoreline response programme guidance

Oil spill waste minimization and management GPG

Oil spills: inland response GPG


Wildlife response preparedness GPG

Key principles for the protection, care and rehabilitation of oiled wildlife


Economic assessment and compensation for marine oil releases GPG

Impacts of oil spills on marine ecology GPG

Impacts of oil spills on shorelines GPG

Oil spill monitoring and sampling GPG

Glance / scan:

Oil spill preparedness and response: introductory presentation

Tiered preparedness and response presentation

Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA) presentation